Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Today, Alcohol and Drug addiction is a very common problem faced by the youth in society. People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease another problem, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. People who experiment with drugs continue to use them because the substance either makes them feel good, or stops them from feeling bad. In many cases, however, there is a fine line between regular use and drug abuse and addiction. Very few addicts are able to recognize when they have crossed that line.


Youth is the future of the country and they are the ones who are more prone to drug abuse. Today, children between 16-20 years of age are taking alcohol and drugs even when they are not legally allowed to consume these things. By consuming drugs children are not only spoiling their health but also their career, life and family is affected by this. There are many laws for prevention of drug abuse but no strictness is given on those laws. A 16 year old child is able to consume alcohol or drugs just because it is in their reach. If these things are kept out of their reach then how will they consume that?


The problem in India is that there are no sensitization programmes about drug abuse in schools or for children out of school. We do not have a substance abuse policy. There is also a high incidence of charging children under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985. Children who at times done have access to high quality drugs will use volatile substances easily found in corner stores such as cough syrups, pain relief ointments, glue, paint, gasoline and cleaning fluids. There are very few to no health centers that deal with child substance abuse problems, especially in the rural areas. The use of tobacco is another major concern amongst children. In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into a tobacco addition.

The use of certain drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread among street children, working children and trafficked children.


At this age, it is very easy to get attracted towards drugs but once we get addicted to it, we loose our control and then we do not understand the difference between right or wrong and feel helpless. We know that we are spoiling our lives but we still keep on consuming it as we are addicted and when we don’t get our dose on time we start feeling uneasy and become restless and feel like there is no way out of this darkness. We know what we are doing is wrong and that’s why we don’t share it with elders or try to get help to get rid of it as we are fearful and scared that how will elders react to it.

Our one wrong step and one little attraction makes us do a number of mistakes in which we get trapped.

This article is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
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Acid Attack – A deadly burn


The number of acid attacks on women are growing increasingly. This poses a great threat and should be dealt with utmost importance. Just a single drop of acid is enough to ruin someone’s life. The people around us judge and know us by our appearance. This act is very nasty. An acid attack does not only damage someone’s body and face, but it also takes away the liveliness and happiness of a person. It is indeed a deadly burn.

But what does the Indian government do about it? Not much, actually. The people who carry out this sinful and horrid act, are horribly fearless. Hence, there is a need for stricter and stronger laws. In India, the people do not fear the legal system at all as it is weak.
For starters, the Supreme Court of India bans illegal sale of acid. But who checks this? Does anyone actually care?
One can easily avail deadly acids. This is crazy. The authorities have very little control.
The people who carry out this act may get punished if the victim is lucky. But what about the life of the victim? What about her treatment? Her whole life is destroyed and it is very difficult to move on. The action is only taken after destruction. Measures of prevention are little.

Laws maybe there and policies may be formulated. But what India lacks at large is implementation.
Something must be done to stop this horrendous act.

stop acid attacks

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism means the destructive activities taken recourse to by a group of people to coerce a government to yield to their demands.Terrorism nowadays is mostly used as a lever to achieve a political aim. It is the biggest menace faced by the inter-national community today.
The aim is to create a chaos in a country with ulterior political motives. Indian late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and army general Baidya fell a prey to the extreme acts of terrorism. Hijacking of planes, blowing up of railways and bridges and bus full of passengers all are instances of terrorist activities that killed hundreds of innocent lives. The memories of the explosion of the Air India aircraft “Kanishka” in mid-air, the attack on Parliament of India, 9/11 attack and 26/11 attack still haunts the citizens of India.
Kidnapping, hijacking of planes, cross border terrorism, cyber terrorism are growing day-by-day. The terrorists use terror as a weapon to fulfill their demands. The effect of terrorism in all cases is killing of innocent people or a large-scale massacre of property.
Such unwanted killings and destruction cause irreparable damage to a country. Terrorism should be dealt with ruthlessly with undaunted courage and determination. A group of senseless people cannot be allowed to hold a country to ransom. Adherence to strictness only will bring back a stable political and economic environment.

This article is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
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The Delhi Winters

Gajar ka Halwa!
Gajar ka Halwa!

The winters in Delhi are extremely cold, at least for us Dilli waalas.
Well, it is very difficult to get up in the morning and get ready for school or office.
And even when you’re awake, you can’t possibly get out of the razai.
And when you’re through with the difficult task of getting out of bed, you can’t possibly get a bath.
And then, when you’re having a bath, you can’t possibly stop and get out of the hot water.
And then finally when you’re through with your breakfast, you say ‘Badi thand hai yaar!’

But winters are not always grim and gloomy.
Instead of complaining about the cold whether let us look at the brighter side of it and discover the joys of winters!
The joy of ‘Makke di Roti and Sarso da saag,’
The joy of eating ‘gudd’ after almost every meal,
The joy of eating stuffed green paranthas and a lot of other greens,
The joy of peanuts, gajjak and revdi,
The joy of lip-smacking ‘gajar ka halwa,’
The joy of basking in the sun,
The joy of wearing grandma’s hand-knitted sweaters.
The colourful mufflers and the woollen socks.
The beautiful shawls and hoodies and beanies.
The rockstar waali leather jackets.
It is undeniably amazing!

A great salute to the Indian Soldier!

They defend us at the border;
A great salute to the Indian Soldier!
The world looks at them but does not see
Everything they sacrifice to keep us free.
They fight for our hopes, dreams and liberty
They fight for our freedom…… A hero to be!
They put on hold their dreams and lives,
They die so that we can survive.
Standing so strong, proud and tall,
With them, our hopes will never fall.
They are the real heroes of our nation,
Serving the motherland is their only passion.
Whether the icy winds or the storms,
They face all challenges like rocks.
They are the pride of our nation,
Their life is a source of inspiration.
They have great responsibilities on their shoulders;
A great salute to the Indian Soldier!

This poem is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
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LGBT rights in India


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in India face the danger of being fined and imprisoned up to a lifetime because of their sexual orientation. Homosexual intercourse is a criminal offence under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. However, section 377 is a violation of fundamental rights of citizens. This law violates the constitution by depriving citizens of their right to equal treatment under the law, privacy and freedom of expression. Hence, the LGBT people in India are oppressed. Some people believe that homosexuality is against Indian culture. However, in the ancient Indian temples, it was depicted in paintings and carvings. More awareness needs to be spread and pride parades must b carried out. In India, the LGBT people are made fun of which needs to stop.

Development and modernization can only be possible keeping in mind the beliefs and rights of all sections of society.

The People of Pakistan are Suppressed

New Image

India & Pakistan are two nations which once were united. After almost a century of struggle, both became independent. India took this opportunity and the country witnessed dramatic changes and took leaps of progress, whereas Pakistan struggled to mend it’s broken economy, divided by ethnic and religious fences.
India aspired of moving towards development but Pakistan craved power and to make it’s mark in the world. As a result, the people over there now live lives filled with dread, unable to voice their opinions against whatever is happening in their country. Pakistan’s society is helpless, for their government is sheltering monsters who’d condemn their own kin without conscience.
We raise our voices and criticize our Government on every step they take, every blunder they create, as it is our Right provided to us by our Constitution. The people of Pakistan have been petrified, suppressed, and denied their right to question and argue against the working of their Government. India, even with it’s internal dilemmas, is progressing toward perfection, but the conditioning of Pakistan it worsening with each passing hour. No one can help those people till they themselves, till they gather enough courage to stand up, raise their voices, rebel and pressurize their Government for a change.
Many of you believe and comment without empathy,on what happened with small innocent children, simply due to the fact that it happened in Pakistan.
To you, I say
“Stop whining! Posts such as this are evoked due to the one thing that binds us all, which we are familiar with, but have forgotten the sentiment behind that word. ‘Tis Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. One should look into themselves and search for it before saying anything, as a plague such as TERRORISM, can simply not belong to any RELIGION.”
This is not the time for blaming or alleging other communities for high alert in Delhi or some other problem. This is the time to unite and stand together against TERRORISM!

This article is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
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Muslims are not Terrorists


This is written by a Muslim.

There are some disgusting people who associate Islam with terrorism. They believe that Muslims are terrorists. This is wrong. This is insane. It is a sick mentality. The Quran teaches peace. Islam is against violence. Just because a few people with long beards are terrorists, it does not signify that they are Muslims.
It is a fact that terrorism has no religion. People ought to understand this. People should not be insensitive towards a particular section of society.

Some Insensitive People

When a school in Peshawar was attacked by the Taliban, many people across the globe were heartbroken. Many people mourned the loss of young lives.
However, there were some insensitive people who were glad about it. Some people in India stated “Acha hua. Yahi hona chahiye Pakistan ke saath. Pakistan deserves this.”
I don’t understand why some Indians have so much hatred against Pakistan. India and Pakistan were united once. Hindu and Muslim used to live together with harmony. It is the Britishers who divided us. The British always had a policy of ‘Divide and Rule.’
We must understand that most of the lives lost were of innocent children. Being glad that this happened to Pakistan is pure insensitivity. The people who believe this should be ashamed.