Some Insensitive People

When a school in Peshawar was attacked by the Taliban, many people across the globe were heartbroken. Many people mourned the loss of young lives.
However, there were some insensitive people who were glad about it. Some people in India stated “Acha hua. Yahi hona chahiye Pakistan ke saath. Pakistan deserves this.”
I don’t understand why some Indians have so much hatred against Pakistan. India and Pakistan were united once. Hindu and Muslim used to live together with harmony. It is the Britishers who divided us. The British always had a policy of ‘Divide and Rule.’
We must understand that most of the lives lost were of innocent children. Being glad that this happened to Pakistan is pure insensitivity. The people who believe this should be ashamed.


10 thoughts on “Some Insensitive People

  1. Ankit Mishra

    I think “Acha toh kch ni hua” but we cried equally. We see Pakistan as our brothers but Hillary Clinton has rightly said on Pakistan.. ‘you can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard’.

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    1. I agree. They released a terrorist on bail. But the Pakistani people are not to be blamed. The government and the legal system is to be blamed. The Pakistani people are oppressed and are helpless. The government of Pakistan believes in ‘Good terrorists and Bad terrorists.’

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      1. Ankit Mishra

        Ya, Rightly said that the people are not to be blamed. But what they do when Indian Government provides them with proves of a Terrorist who is the main culprits of 26/11..! The terrorist is free in their country and acting as a politician.
        Our men have died without any reason on the borders because of this Pakistan providing terrorists the vacuum to move.
        Things have to be understood on there end and they need support to get better and get rid of terrorism.

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      2. A writer from the East

        Pakistanis aren’t oppressed, sorry for the difference in opinion. Rarely ever in any part of world, things are black and white as assumed by global community. I can go into great detail on why we aren’t oppressed and also on what makes us oppressed… 😉

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  2. meghachaturvedi

    What happened in Peshavar is horrendous, shameful and unacceptable. It’s high time that Pakistan and it’s people awaken from their deep slumber, and stand up against the terrorism it’s fueling.

    And secondly, there is no Hindu no Muslim, we have the same blood running in our veins, 99.9% DNA same, our roots go back to same place… So what’s this fighting all about? What’s this revenge about? And definitely not at the cost of children, no!!!!
    We need to make this world a better place for all, not worse. 😐

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    1. A writer from the East

      Rest assured sister we are awake, very very awake. And yes, I agree that we are in many ways similar, at least I am because I have Indian origins and despite being born in Pakistan I am told by fellow Pakistanis that I should go back to India, and all sorts of ethnic discrimination that Muhajir community faces, is a daily life story. I also agree that we need to work on making cross country and internal country counter terrorism measures and peace within the region.

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