What Happened in Peshawar

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The Taliban came and blew up school kids.

This is totally insane. This is a new level of insanity.
The Taliban believe that education is wrong.
Killing innocent people and spreading wrong in the name of God is right?
The Taliban misinterpret the holy Quran.
The Quran teaches peace. The religion itself was made for peace.
The Taliban are a shame on the human race. They are pure wicked.

Why did they pick an army school?
Because they wanted to take revenge from the Pakistani Army by killing their children and hence destroying their lives. The Quran does not teach revenge. The Quran is against violence. Allah is against violence.
The Taliban say ‘We are following the will of Allah’
They are going against Allah. They are using God to preach violence and preach wrong.

What does the Pakistani government do?
The people of Pakistan are helpless. They see terror unfolding upon their eyes. Whenever they raise their voice, they are oppressed. The legal system is in a very poor state. The government doesn’t do much.
Its high time now for the citizens of Pakistan to unite. Its high time to raise their voice to such an extent that no one can stop them. Its high time to stop the Taliban.

The International Community must do something.

Pray for Peshawar.
Pray for Pakistan.
RIP innocent angels. 


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