Muslims are not Terrorists


This is written by a Muslim.

There are some disgusting people who associate Islam with terrorism. They believe that Muslims are terrorists. This is wrong. This is insane. It is a sick mentality. The Quran teaches peace. Islam is against violence. Just because a few people with long beards are terrorists, it does not signify that they are Muslims.
It is a fact that terrorism has no religion. People ought to understand this. People should not be insensitive towards a particular section of society.


21 thoughts on “Muslims are not Terrorists

  1. I have read your letter and I fully agree with your sentiments
    To me religion is a personal thing I am a Christian born into a Catholic family
    I don’t go to a church If I was to pray to God I just do that, no matter where I am
    Driving ,working or even out for a walk.
    Peace xx

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    1. Yes! We need to change this misconception of some disgusting people!

      I don’t believe in any religion. πŸ™‚
      I believe that before belonging to a religion, we all belong to the human race. Hence, we should worship humanity before we worship the God of a particular religion. This is what the Taliban and other terrorists lack!

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  2. Jesus said “blessed are the peacemakers”. Yet many have killed in the name of Christianity (the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades…). Islam and Christianity are both peaceful religions but many kill in the name of one or the other….

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