The People of Pakistan are Suppressed

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India & Pakistan are two nations which once were united. After almost a century of struggle, both became independent. India took this opportunity and the country witnessed dramatic changes and took leaps of progress, whereas Pakistan struggled to mend it’s broken economy, divided by ethnic and religious fences.
India aspired of moving towards development but Pakistan craved power and to make it’s mark in the world. As a result, the people over there now live lives filled with dread, unable to voice their opinions against whatever is happening in their country. Pakistan’s society is helpless, for their government is sheltering monsters who’d condemn their own kin without conscience.
We raise our voices and criticize our Government on every step they take, every blunder they create, as it is our Right provided to us by our Constitution. The people of Pakistan have been petrified, suppressed, and denied their right to question and argue against the working of their Government. India, even with it’s internal dilemmas, is progressing toward perfection, but the conditioning of Pakistan it worsening with each passing hour. No one can help those people till they themselves, till they gather enough courage to stand up, raise their voices, rebel and pressurize their Government for a change.
Many of you believe and comment without empathy,on what happened with small innocent children, simply due to the fact that it happened in Pakistan.
To you, I say
“Stop whining! Posts such as this are evoked due to the one thing that binds us all, which we are familiar with, but have forgotten the sentiment behind that word. ‘Tis Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. One should look into themselves and search for it before saying anything, as a plague such as TERRORISM, can simply not belong to any RELIGION.”
This is not the time for blaming or alleging other communities for high alert in Delhi or some other problem. This is the time to unite and stand together against TERRORISM!

This article is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
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7 thoughts on “The People of Pakistan are Suppressed

  1. A writer from the East

    I find this very illuminating on its own India aspired of moving towards development but Pakistan craved power and to make it’s mark in the world.” Seriously, people need to wake up and smell the coffee please?
    And yes blame game between both countries should really come to an end by now, am sure the writer has hurt the feelings of Pakistanis, but this anti Pakistani sentiment is not really new to this world.


  2. It is understandable that all opinions take wing with perception under them, it is also understandable that the authoress is young and has not as yet reconciled with facts free of predilection, but what is not understandable is the misconception regarding the philosophy of the Pakistani mind. This blog may well be about “the great indian hitch” but it needn’t be exceptionally jingoistic.

    A suppressed Pakistani

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    1. I agree, sir. However, This blog isn’t jingoistic. If you view other articles in this blog, we have supported Pakistan. I believe that India and Pakistan ought to be together.
      I’m sure that the writer of this article did not intend to hurt your feelings.

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    2. meghachaturvedi

      Sir, i truly respect your feelings and i had no intention to hurt you or anyone else. And this is not at all Jingoistic. In this article I have supported Pakistani people only. I am allegating the Pakistani govt. for not being sensitive towards the need of its people and yes it is a fact that most of the people in Pakistan are helpless in front of their govt. Thats why Pakistani people are not raising their voice and pressurizing their govt. for change towards betterment. And everything that i have written is based on facts and articles.

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      1. It is quite alright young miss, but all that is written is not all that is felt; and in this age of fact and figures it is quite ironic that most truths put forth are borrowed and not created, inherited and not found. You are a good writer, and your heart is in the right place; but the tragedy of all thoughts lies not in their reach instead in their grasp. The people of Pakistan are exceptionally aware of their rights, and are quite resilient before their rulers. All nations fall, for all nations must eventually rise. Your concern for my people is acknowledged and appreciated.


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        1. meghachaturvedi

          Thanks for your appreciation sir! Yes, it may be true that all i have written based on news and articles is not exactly how people of Pakistan feel but i believe that people should voice their opinions for a change towards betterment. I just wanted to convey this message that instead of blaming or allegating others, we should unite once again and fight against TERRORISM!

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