LGBT rights in India


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in India face the danger of being fined and imprisoned up to a lifetime because of their sexual orientation. Homosexual intercourse is a criminal offence under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. However, section 377 is a violation of fundamental rights of citizens. This law violates the constitution by depriving citizens of their right to equal treatment under the law, privacy and freedom of expression. Hence, the LGBT people in India are oppressed. Some people believe that homosexuality is against Indian culture. However, in the ancient Indian temples, it was depicted in paintings and carvings. More awareness needs to be spread and pride parades must b carried out. In India, the LGBT people are made fun of which needs to stop.

Development and modernization can only be possible keeping in mind the beliefs and rights of all sections of society.


8 thoughts on “LGBT rights in India

  1. meghachaturvedi

    The British colonial Government enacted Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, criminalizing sexual activities “against the order of nature”. If its against order of nature then why a punishment for this? It is said to be “Unnatural offences” in sec 377 of IPC. But lesbians or gay are like that by birth only so why so much discrimination. And it was enacted by British govt then why are we continuing it till now? even if its not for the welfare of people. The section 377 of IPC was declared unconstitutional with respect to sex between consenting adults by the High Court of Delhi on 2 July 2009. Then this judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court of India on 12 December 2013. What was need for this? These questions need to be answered. We can’t be so insensitive towards one section of society.

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