The Delhi Winters

Gajar ka Halwa!
Gajar ka Halwa!

The winters in Delhi are extremely cold, at least for us Dilli waalas.
Well, it is very difficult to get up in the morning and get ready for school or office.
And even when you’re awake, you can’t possibly get out of the razai.
And when you’re through with the difficult task of getting out of bed, you can’t possibly get a bath.
And then, when you’re having a bath, you can’t possibly stop and get out of the hot water.
And then finally when you’re through with your breakfast, you say ‘Badi thand hai yaar!’

But winters are not always grim and gloomy.
Instead of complaining about the cold whether let us look at the brighter side of it and discover the joys of winters!
The joy of ‘Makke di Roti and Sarso da saag,’
The joy of eating ‘gudd’ after almost every meal,
The joy of eating stuffed green paranthas and a lot of other greens,
The joy of peanuts, gajjak and revdi,
The joy of lip-smacking ‘gajar ka halwa,’
The joy of basking in the sun,
The joy of wearing grandma’s hand-knitted sweaters.
The colourful mufflers and the woollen socks.
The beautiful shawls and hoodies and beanies.
The rockstar waali leather jackets.
It is undeniably amazing!


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