Acid Attack – A deadly burn


The number of acid attacks on women are growing increasingly. This poses a great threat and should be dealt with utmost importance. Just a single drop of acid is enough to ruin someone’s life. The people around us judge and know us by our appearance. This act is very nasty. An acid attack does not only damage someone’s body and face, but it also takes away the liveliness and happiness of a person. It is indeed a deadly burn.

But what does the Indian government do about it? Not much, actually. The people who carry out this sinful and horrid act, are horribly fearless. Hence, there is a need for stricter and stronger laws. In India, the people do not fear the legal system at all as it is weak.
For starters, the Supreme Court of India bans illegal sale of acid. But who checks this? Does anyone actually care?
One can easily avail deadly acids. This is crazy. The authorities have very little control.
The people who carry out this act may get punished if the victim is lucky. But what about the life of the victim? What about her treatment? Her whole life is destroyed and it is very difficult to move on. The action is only taken after destruction. Measures of prevention are little.

Laws maybe there and policies may be formulated. But what India lacks at large is implementation.
Something must be done to stop this horrendous act.

stop acid attacks


15 thoughts on “Acid Attack – A deadly burn

  1. junaid saleh

    Same situation in Pakistan unfortunately!!
    I think implementing the ban on acid sale is not enough, as all weapons are banned, but criminals get them and commit their crimes anyway.
    Acid might be available on market in the west, too. But why such a horrific incident never occurs there? Why only in India and Pakistan? I think, the problem is much bigger than the banning issue!

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    1. Yes! I think in our countries, people need to be sensitized and taught the difference between right and wrong. Education plays a key role in this and our countries have very low literacy.
      Instead of warning our girls to be careful, we need to teach our boys not to rape and not to perform other dreadful acts.
      It is very sad.

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    2. A writer from the East

      Yes its called patriarchy that allows most of South Asia to imagine men as Gods and women as objects for the use by those Gods, our cultures are full of such gory violence issues against women.
      As a feminist, I am outraged that our governments keep paying lip service to issues and resort to adhoc solutions that don’t help our societies to grow in a progressive manner along the lines of like “men and women are both human and should be treated as such.”

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