The four children comment by Sakshi Maharaj of BJP – Horrendous


Go ahead and guess the gender of Sakshi Maharaj first. Boom! He’s not a female!
Yes, in India, we have a chaotic mixture of names of both the genders.
Supposedly, he is some ‘baba’ and surprisingly, he is an MP. I don’t know how these people get voted for. This really surprises me. But, hey, after all, anything is possible here in our country and this only happens in India.

He stated a fact which amused me at first and then horrified me later. He stated that every Hindu woman should produce four children so that the Hindu population could increase. This amused me. But the fact that he belongs to the ruling party and he is an MP seriously horrifies me. Is it right for a ‘so called’ leader to say something like this? Now, is this not hindutva? What else is he spreading?
Alright, we are educated people and we simply laughed off this stupid comment. But there are people who may get influenced. People from other sections of society may feel inferior by this comment. We must remember that this is a secular nation. If some low witted baba, who is also an MP of the ruling party, asks for the increase in the Hindu population, what do we interpret? The fact that he himself is a bachelor is a more hilarious fact.

So, the BJP now claims that a notice has been issued to him. But Mr. Sakshi Maharaj says that he did not receive anything from the party and that it was the BJP’s internal matter. What exactly is happening? Are we being made a fool of?
This close relationship between the BJP and the RSS can really prove to be deadly.

After Sakshi Maharaj, BJP leader Shaymal Goswami says Hindu women should have 5 children.
What next? 6? 7,8,9,10?
Well, wake me up when they reach a half century.
Adios till next time.


10 thoughts on “The four children comment by Sakshi Maharaj of BJP – Horrendous

  1. Ah…
    so many question marks and let me try to answer one by one. I was on vacation so I could not reply.
    >>here I agree. Without population control , development is a dream.

    >>Yeah , it is not written in Quran that single child is against Allah but It is written in Quran that a male can have four wives and any permanent change in the body is not allowed(it is Haram). So a man can have four wives and family planning medical operations are not allowed according to Quran so you can now think what Islam supports… so I disagree here. Quran supports the population increasing in implicit ways. All of these things are not allowed in Islam according to Quran Family planning operations , Use of Protection while having sex , Contraceptive pills . I find it hard to explain as it is very hard to explain “blood is red” , it is just red.

    >>kindly do not bring politics here. Political parties are just the reflection of the society. some good and some bad people are everywhere. I see only a few good political personalities with vision in India. I personally do not like any political party. THE ALL ARE THE SAME as PEOPLE OF OUR SOCIETY ARE IN ALL OF THEM.

    >>Education is a big and very complicated word to throw around human beings. Education does not play any “DIRECT” role in population control. People have been always fooled that Education controls population. And the example you gave of jhuggiwaalas. I disagree here too. It is not that Jhuggiwaalas produce more children as they are not educated. They produce more children as they are poor and need help to survive.Even educated people produce many children. Osama bin Laden was educated and rich but still he had six wives and several children. And it is not just one case. Things are like this in the Muslim world in most of the cases. I picked Osama bin Laden for example here as it is easy to find details about him and you already know him. And I am not just worried about population in India but also in the world. POPULATION IS ALL ABOUT MIND SETUP AND ONLY SO CALLED EDUCATION CAN NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM . WISDOM CAN NOT BE TAUGHT.


  2. Why not the politicians of the NDA allies initiate this brilliant idea by themselves. The four children theory. Will they? Well, the question persists. Such type of bizarre comments are embarrassing their own party. A person can make such an irrational comment under the influence of only an intoxicant. But I am sure he was not, which proves of his wisdom – the invisible one. What is more important than knowledge is wisdom. Knowing tomato is a fruit is knowledge & not putting it in a fruit salad is wisdom!

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  3. okay yes.. what he said was wrong but concern for the community was right! and he had been already given notice by BJP itself.. so its not important that if one leader says like that so the whole party is supporting it!


  4. the same is being done by Muslims in India. Their population has increased by leaps and bounds in the past but we hardly talk about that. But after all, it is not about quantity , It is about quality. India is a secular country and it is going well as Muslims are in minority here. you will not get a country in this world that has Muslims population in majority and it is secular and running well. WE MUST THINK ABOUT THE POPULATION PROBLEM IN SOME WAY. I BELIEVE POPULATION RATIO ALSO MATTERS A BIG TIME.


    1. Certainly. But we can’t blame a single community.
      Population problem is in china as well. They imposed a one child policy. They are doing well.
      What we lack is incentive and implementation. If China can achieve something, why not us?


      1. china is the most populous country in the world but still condition of china is better than India. The real thing is population density not the mere population of any country. Population density of India is 380 people in one km square whereas population density of china is 145 people in one km square. so population density of china is less than half of population density of India. It is way better to have 15 people in a big hall than having 10 people in a small room. India has more people in a specific area of land than china.

        china has a hard and fast rule so china can and India can not. India is democracy but china is not.
        china has banned Burka in one Islam majority province and I hardly see anyone around the globe protesting it. china does not give the freedom India gives to the people. you said “they are doing well”. I do not agree with that completely. They are doing good externally not internally. people in china may live in the houses of gold but they do not have the basic freedoms like freedom speak or move in the country. china has already banned youtube , google , facebook and twitter… government controls every move people of china make. china may see civil war in future.
        Hindus may accept the one child policy but I do not believe Muslims will accept that too as one child policy is somewhat against their holy book Koran.


        1. Sir I agree.
          Although, I said “they are doing well” in terms of population control. I agree that China does impose force and some of the basic human rights are missing.
          India lacks incentive. We may not implement one child policy, but the state should promote population control. Instead, the state is asking for more population?!
          The BJP’s main agenda was development. How do they propose to develop a nation without population control? Population plays a very major role in development.

          Moreover, it’s not about which community does what. We are a secular country. Instead of playing the blame game, which the BJP usually does, we must focus on solutions.

          And Sir, it is no where written in the Quran that having a single child is against Allah. The Quran also doesn’t ask for more children. It is merely by choice. Even in Hindu families, people do have many children.

          It’s not about the religion, its about education. Religion does not play a role in population.
          People who are uneducated, like the jhuggiwaalas and many of the domestic workers who work as servants in our houses, produce more children in hope of more labor and hence more money. Instead, this begets them to remain poor as more people mean more food to fill empty stomachs.
          This is where education comes in.


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