Hell and Heaven

Both are created by human
Can be found on Earth
Not on any imaginary world!
Heaven is thought to be full of angels
A place with no danger
Hell seems to be full of devils
where people are so evil
But they exists on no other world
Can be seen only on Earth!
Hell and Heaven
are thought to be given
Only after the death of human,
On the basis of deeds
Punishments and rewards are given
on no other World
Only on Earth!
People face Hell
On every bad situation
These are the punishments of their crime
which they get in their lifetime!
People experiences Heaven
On every Happy moment
Which they get when god is pleased
On their every pleasant deed!
So be careful in your KARMA (deeds)
Don’t destroy your DHARMA
Coz you have to pay for your sins,
From where the life begins!

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