Obama visits India!


Since the day this news was announced that Obama will be visiting India, Indian news channels got very exited. They even started talking about the love life of the President of the United States. I mean, seriously?

However, it was a very bold move on the Indian Prime Minister’s part. Yes, India is taking pride in it. For the first time in history, a US president is invited for the republic day. Wuuuhuuu!

So, Obama arrived at 10 in the morning and went to the rashtrapati bhavan. Indian ministers were waiting there to recieve the President. News channels had gone crazy by then. Breaking News everywhere.
But one thing was very amusing. The delegation from the US was so slim and fit and the tonds a.k.a fat bellies of our ministers were never ending. Yes we founded yoga and we don’t do it. Irony much?

But hey, after all, the US president is here and it is a very big thing for us.


4 thoughts on “Obama visits India!

  1. Lol, seriously. I just couldn’t help wonder if these politicians and media didn’t have any bigger problems to deal with in our nation. I am glad that a US president is in India, but …. naa never mind!

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