Well Done People!


Wow.. this time its really surprising.. the results of Lok Sabha elections and then the results of Delhi Elections. But I am really glad to see the public participation in politics. This time, we the people of India have shown our power and have shown that the public cannot be fooled – We understand the politics and vote for better future.

This is really interesting. We gave full majority to BJP in Lok Sabha Elections and chose Mr. Narendra modi as Prime Minister of India. We knew that this person can really make a change and will represent our country in best way. He is the best choice.

But in Delhi Elections, we have also proved that the public is not a fool. We can’t give absolute power to any party. We have already seen what Congress has done being in power in both Central and Capital. So, we chose AAP ( Aam Admi Party) giving full majority in Delhi, so that there will be a balance and government will work for betterment of the people.

Really Hats of to common people who took a great decision.

PS- Modi is face of the country as being Prime Minister of India but he can’t be face of each and every state. BJP, stop using Modi as marketing policy and Gujarat as its product. Work Hard and make other states like Gujarat too.

Jai Hind.



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