Love Your Life!


Life is God’s beautiful gift,

which has a pre-written script,

some call it destiny,

which can’t be changed,

Then why to be stressed for life,

that you can’t deny!

Be thankful for the life,

that u have got,

Don’t compare it with others,

as u have no idea

how much they have fought!

Some are handicapped,

some have any disorder,

some are fighting for us,

without caring about themselves at border!

Get inspired from them,

And don’t let your life go in vain,

Don’t cry for your problems,

As there are many things which are really awesome!

Take up some Challenges,

Coz Life is a race

And you have to cross every single hurdle,

with all your grace!

Love your life,

It is a very precious gift,

Ask them its value

who have very less time left to live!

Poem originally written by me 🙂



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