My Mind, My Body, My Choice


I am not going to give a speech on women empowerment or something similar to deepika padukone’s video. But this is just a feeling of a 16 year old girl i.e. me.

Why girls are taught shame. Close your legs, Cover Yourself? Why girls are taught how to behave? Why girls are not allowed to go outside home after sunset? Why girls cannot be pride of family? Why girls are taken as a burden? Why girls are said- “ye to paraye ghar ki ho jaegi”?  Why girls are not given equal freedom like their brothers? Why girls are not independent of their decisions? Why girls are discouraged for every outdoor activity or sports saying YOU ARE A GIRL? Why even if a rape takes place, the girl is blamed for wearing wrong clothes or bad gesture? Why a boy having many girls around is referred as CASANOVA and girls having many guys around is referred as SLUT? Why anything bad done by a boy is referred as cool and something bad done by a girl is referred as SHAMEFUL? Why boys drinking Alcohol or Smoking is FUN and girls doing the same is DISGRACEFUL? Why girls even after facing so much difficulties don’t get the respect they deserve? Why girls have to go through so much pain and yet are made feel as though by being born female, they are already guilty of something? Why girls grow up to be women who cannot say they have desire, who silence themselves, who cannot say what they truly think?

These are the questions which every girl has in their mind and i have not brought various important issues like female foeticide, girl education and all. But these are the questions of a 16 year old girl living in National Capital. Can anyone answer?

Now there is a strong urge to make a change in mindset and I request all the men to think think and think.. what is the girl’s fault? Why can’t men change their mentality so that every woman can live peacefully and happily. And i would like to ask all the girls to move forward and take the initiative for a change. Because if we won’t step forward then no one else will bother to take an initiative.

Strong women don’t play victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal. #Bethechange



6 thoughts on “My Mind, My Body, My Choice

  1. HalfaP

    “Why a boy having many girls around is referred as CASANOVA and girls having many guys around is referred as SLUT?”

    I’m no expert but I think a man’s evolutionary instinct is to sow his seeds wherever he can.

    Woman however, always go for the strongest mate and stick with them.

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    1. Sir, First of all sorry for late reply.. and it is easy to defend a guy saying man’s evolutionary instinct is to sow his seeds wherever he can.. but what about the right to equality? and Sir, this is no longer true that women always go for strongest mate. There are independent women, working hard to earn a lifestyle alone. Women are no longer dependent on men. i think i don’t need to mention achievements of women in different fields and Sir, if talking about past and history, then even at that time matriarchal society existed. I hope you are aware of the fact.


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