Who is responsible for Gajendra Singh’s Death?


A reluctant farmer, Gajendra Singh who lived in a small village in Rajasthan lost his crops in last month’s untimely rain and hailstorm and came Delhi to meet Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal committed suicide in an AAP Rally. It is being said that He committed suicide because of depression as he was not able to feed the empty stomachs of his children.

Now the question rises that who should be held responsible for this suicide attempt? The government who was not able to provide aid to all those farmers who are suffering from crop failure? or The people present there in rally who were just staring at the farmer instead of stopping him from doing this?

I feel pity for the lives of all those poor and middle class people whose lives are of no value in the eyes of our government and even after their death, politics continue to take place. Their death is made a controversy. BJP and Congress blaming AAP for Gajendra Singh’s death and AAP leaders which are so called “Politicians” who had a very casual attitude towards the life of a farmer quoted during the rally- “Ab Mukhya Mantri thodi bachane jaenge sabko” (Now,Chief Minister i.e. Arvind Kejriwal won’t go and save all the people committing suicide) are now crying and apologizing in media, doing all this drama just to gain sympathy and public support. Police is defending themselves by saying that they tried their best but the AAP supporters created hurdles on their way and even AAP leaders continued to give speech even after seeing this kind of situation. This is really shameful. Now we all know the value of lives of middle class and poor people in India. #wewantbetterIndia


7 thoughts on “Who is responsible for Gajendra Singh’s Death?

  1. I wish it were that simple, to pin the blame on one person/group/party, It isn’t. The whole system is skewed against the farmer. And no one with the power to change it finds it in their interest to do so. I don’t like the AAP, but even if they had actually done something and saved this poor man, there are several more killing themselves each week. Gajendra is just the symptom of the time. Eliminate the middlemen, eliminate the arhtiyas, have a proper mechanism for deciding the MSP for crops, ensure proper storage of perishable food crops in the wholesale mandis, allow free movement of farmers across state borders so they can sell their produce where they get the highest price for it. There are so many things that can be done, no one to do them. Blaming Kejriwal is all well and good, but he is hardly someone to pin our hopes on to solve any issue.
    Ok, enough ranting! 🙂 It’s nice that you are posting about this, more people need to at least think about it. Caring about it and doing something about it can come later.

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    1. i totally agree with you. Even i don’t like AAP but this post is not to criticize some party or politics, this is a question for all so that everyone can think about the loopholes in system and i wanted to highlight how dirty politics is going even after the death of a farmer. Instead of this, many things could have been done as you mentioned above.


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