Yakub Memom’s Death Punishment- Justified or not?


Thousands of Families are still surrounded by the Air of Melancholy as the death of their loved ones in the Mumbai Serial Bomb Blast 1993 have left the families in torment. We live in a Nation where the life of a Barbaric Ruthless Inhuman Terrorist is so important that his death has become a debatable topic. A terrorist’s death is being mourned by hundreds of people. I believe that it was truly justified and see no reason to consider him innocent. It was purely fair as the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India resumed the case hearing of Yakub Memon (The Mastermind of Mumbai Serial Blast 1993) at 2:30 am in the morning even after the dismissal of the Curative petition. If we recall the past then a total number of 257 innocent civilian were killed and more than 800 people were severely injured in 13 bomb blasts. Mercy is not meant for such Ruthless & Cruel Terrorists. From past 22 years the voice of people are full of despair, The Sacrifice & Martyrdom of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh & the Lionhearted Soldiers of India is not a vain attempt, it is the time when we all have to unite against this Evil of Terrorism. JAI HIND!!


2 thoughts on “Yakub Memom’s Death Punishment- Justified or not?

  1. Sir, I respect your views and that is why I asked it in the form of question as there are different arguments. According to me, the penalty was justified and he was promised to be given lighter punishment if he surrenders according to statement of RAW officer and not stoning him to death and giving him a dignified death is a kind of lighter punishment only. Yes, things could have been done in a different way but i believe that after a long time a strict action has been taken and we should appreciate it. Its really a big irony that when strict punishment is not given, we all keep opposing saying they deserve to die and when Capital Punishment is given, we are still opposing the decision!


  2. A few points if you don’t mind. I’m not against the death penalty so let’s leave that issue where it stands. Yakub wasn’t the mastermind in any sense of the word. That infamy rests on the brow of his brother Tiger. Yakub was at best a peripheral player. Whether he deserved death penalty is an open question. The bigger issue is whether the Indian govt went back on its word to him. There were quite a few people from the intelligence community who came forward to say that Yakub had been assured that he wouldn’t get the death penalty if he surrendered. If the govt did did break its promise to him, then that raises two questions, one moral and the other more practical.
    Nietzsche said that one must take care, when fighting with the devil, not to turn into the devil himself. If we can lie without compunction to safeguard “truth” one wonders what “truth” we are serving. Philosophy aside though, what happens the next time we want to negotiate the return of some wanted criminal to India to face justice? Portugal extradited a notorious criminal only when we assured he wouldn’t get the death penalty. Both govts and individuals would look at any Indian assurance with suspicion. Yakub was by no means the only person we want back in India to face justice, after all.
    Chest thumping and flag waving is all fine, but we mustn’t forget the greater game, even if we choose to forget the greater good.

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