Let the Peace Prevail


Abdul was taking his last breadth
living last few moments of his life,
He was called a terrorist
who crossed the border of India
with dangerous intentions,
But he was not born as a Terrorist!
He was not born with this mindset,
it was given to him by people!
He was killed in a cease fire,
Also many people got injured in same,
And a small kid Faizal was killed
He was innocent but
then why did he deserve this?
Soldiers of India and Pakistan,
both keep fighting on borders
taking each others lives,
protecting their Nations,
but from whom?
So many mothers loose their sons
sisters loose their brothers, wives loose their husbands,
this loss takes place at both sides
then who gains and who wins?
What is the reason of this war?
Why this hatred? Why this terrorism?

Let the Peace prevail for once and see how this world becomes paradise!



Terrorism in Kashmir


Kashmir, as we call it, is a paradise on earth. It is undoubtedly a famous tourist destination of the country. However, now the scenario is different. The valley is not crowded by tourists, but by shootings, bombings and killings everyday. And now, it is the most famous terrorist destination of the country.

From a distance, it seems as a heaven on earth but is actually a living hell for the local people there. Their lives are shattered due to the daily firing, bombings, curfews, clashes and conflicts.

Kashmir must be restored to its glory and grandeur. The Political Parties must stop the selfish act of playing dirty politics on this sensitive issue of Kashmir. If peace and order is maintained, it will not take long enough to establish the valley as more tourist friendly than terrorist friendly.

Credits: Fatima Rehman, Grade 11, Delhi.

The People of Pakistan are Suppressed

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India & Pakistan are two nations which once were united. After almost a century of struggle, both became independent. India took this opportunity and the country witnessed dramatic changes and took leaps of progress, whereas Pakistan struggled to mend it’s broken economy, divided by ethnic and religious fences.
India aspired of moving towards development but Pakistan craved power and to make it’s mark in the world. As a result, the people over there now live lives filled with dread, unable to voice their opinions against whatever is happening in their country. Pakistan’s society is helpless, for their government is sheltering monsters who’d condemn their own kin without conscience.
We raise our voices and criticize our Government on every step they take, every blunder they create, as it is our Right provided to us by our Constitution. The people of Pakistan have been petrified, suppressed, and denied their right to question and argue against the working of their Government. India, even with it’s internal dilemmas, is progressing toward perfection, but the conditioning of Pakistan it worsening with each passing hour. No one can help those people till they themselves, till they gather enough courage to stand up, raise their voices, rebel and pressurize their Government for a change.
Many of you believe and comment without empathy,on what happened with small innocent children, simply due to the fact that it happened in Pakistan.
To you, I say
“Stop whining! Posts such as this are evoked due to the one thing that binds us all, which we are familiar with, but have forgotten the sentiment behind that word. ‘Tis Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. One should look into themselves and search for it before saying anything, as a plague such as TERRORISM, can simply not belong to any RELIGION.”
This is not the time for blaming or alleging other communities for high alert in Delhi or some other problem. This is the time to unite and stand together against TERRORISM!

This article is written by Megha Chatuvedi, an 11th grader in Delhi, India. 🙂
You can email her at meghachaturvedi2002@yahoo.co.in
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Muslims are not Terrorists


This is written by a Muslim.

There are some disgusting people who associate Islam with terrorism. They believe that Muslims are terrorists. This is wrong. This is insane. It is a sick mentality. The Quran teaches peace. Islam is against violence. Just because a few people with long beards are terrorists, it does not signify that they are Muslims.
It is a fact that terrorism has no religion. People ought to understand this. People should not be insensitive towards a particular section of society.

Some Insensitive People

When a school in Peshawar was attacked by the Taliban, many people across the globe were heartbroken. Many people mourned the loss of young lives.
However, there were some insensitive people who were glad about it. Some people in India stated “Acha hua. Yahi hona chahiye Pakistan ke saath. Pakistan deserves this.”
I don’t understand why some Indians have so much hatred against Pakistan. India and Pakistan were united once. Hindu and Muslim used to live together with harmony. It is the Britishers who divided us. The British always had a policy of ‘Divide and Rule.’
We must understand that most of the lives lost were of innocent children. Being glad that this happened to Pakistan is pure insensitivity. The people who believe this should be ashamed.

What Happened in Peshawar

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The Taliban came and blew up school kids.

This is totally insane. This is a new level of insanity.
The Taliban believe that education is wrong.
Killing innocent people and spreading wrong in the name of God is right?
The Taliban misinterpret the holy Quran.
The Quran teaches peace. The religion itself was made for peace.
The Taliban are a shame on the human race. They are pure wicked.

Why did they pick an army school?
Because they wanted to take revenge from the Pakistani Army by killing their children and hence destroying their lives. The Quran does not teach revenge. The Quran is against violence. Allah is against violence.
The Taliban say ‘We are following the will of Allah’
They are going against Allah. They are using God to preach violence and preach wrong.

What does the Pakistani government do?
The people of Pakistan are helpless. They see terror unfolding upon their eyes. Whenever they raise their voice, they are oppressed. The legal system is in a very poor state. The government doesn’t do much.
Its high time now for the citizens of Pakistan to unite. Its high time to raise their voice to such an extent that no one can stop them. Its high time to stop the Taliban.

The International Community must do something.

Pray for Peshawar.
Pray for Pakistan.
RIP innocent angels.